Hi! Thanks for visiting my website! I was born in Los Angeles, California just before Thanksgiving in 2014 as the first boy in my family of five (dad, mom, older sister and younger brother).

When I turned two, my parents said we're moving to New York City for my education, because I was accepted to a competitive nursery school at the 92nd Street Y. After graduating from the Y, I was once again accepted to the Pre-K division at the Geneva School of Manhattan, a classical Christian school where Christian faith is embedded in their curriculum, something that is very important in my family. Starting this fall (2020), I am super excited to enroll at the Success Academy, the highest performing K-12 school in the State of New York!!! 

My life is quite simple. I eat lots of healthy and yummy food my mom orders (sometimes she cooks too!), and I sleep 11 hours a day! Between school, eating and sleeping, there are pretty much only 2 things I do: TaeKwonDo and Tennis

For me, they are much more than some after-school activities or hobbies. I train and practice 2 hours of TaeKwonDo and Tennis each day - 7 days a week, and I love it, especially when I see the improvements I make! With my serious and diligent training, I hope to compete in the Olympics one day. 


Education? C'mon...I'm only six years old! Am I not allowed to just enjoy life by watching TV and play games all day? Not a chance in my house! Since my school doesn't have any homework at my grade, my parents MAKE homework for me each day - three pages of math problems, two full-page compositions, one page of copying down 3 pages of Children's Bible, and 45 minutes of reading! It's not easy, but I actually enjoy doing it, and I especially LOVE the feeling of accomplishing my own work each day. Besides that, a couple of years in schools have taught me how to be a kind and well-mannered gentleman with other friends, especially in public places like playgrounds, libraries, museums, restaurants, etc. Also, my TKD and Tennis academies taught me to have leadership, self-control, and respect for others, while being confident and competitive at the right times. Last but not least, my parents always show me what it means to love each other, set good examples for others, and help those who are in need. 


I am a Poom-Belt (Black/Red) in TaeKwonDo, certified by Kukkiwon, World TaeKwonDo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.  

As for tennis, I'm the youngest player qualified to join the Mac Orange Competition Team (9 years old and up) at the highly selective and competitive John McEnroe Tennis Academy. 

I am also the founder of Kicking for Healthy Kids, a charitable initiative to promote healthy lifestyle/diet for children across America, where I raise $5 for every hour I train and donate the funds to a National Non-Profit Organization Action for Healthy Kids, where I serve as their official Take Action Ambassador for the organization.

I am also proud to be the official Brand Ambassador and Sponsored Athlete for the following TaeKwonDo, Tennis & Fitness-related companies: Alien Pros, HustleCo, LifeStyle Movement, and Lay Low Apparel. 

My home is a Tri-lingual environment (English, Japanese and Korean) where my parents speak to us in all 3 languages, and I can understand and speak them too, in addition to the basic French I learn from my school!